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Amazon.com Sellers - Your Own Affordable Ecommerce Store

Let WhiteOakBooks create and maintain your website where you can sell your inventory without competing with 1000s of other sellers.

You might sell on Amazon, ABE, Alibris, and a host of other sites but you need a single internet address where you turn past customers into repeat customers.

New for 2010
  • Website no longer have to be linked to Amazon.com
  • No longer required to offer Amazon Payments
  • The website can check OpenLibrary.org for images ( when not linked to Amazon )
  • We upload automatically to Google Base.
  • Sitemaps (for search engines) are automatically created.
  • Support Of Mal's Ecommerce for Google Checkout.
  • Can upload any number of different items from multiple sources.

New for 2008
  • 30 day money back guarantee. (Minus a $10 fee). We want you to be happy with your purchase. We have always unofficially offered this guarantee but now it is an official policy.
  • Support Of Mal's Ecommerce for credit card sales.
  • Ability to move items into different categories.
  • We now have a referral program. The referrers will receive a credit of 20% of the setup fee of the customer they refer applied to their next payment(s).
  • We can take inventory uploads from any source.
  • High Quality Forums for pre-sales questions and on-going support.
  • Non-Amazon items can be listed on the website.

Why Choose A WOBBookSite Website

  • We can Categorize your Inventory for you. No other website creation company can do this for you.
  • Book, DVD, VHS, and CD images and item attributes are automatically displayed on your website from Amazon.
  • Once setup, your website is almost maintaince free. We read your inventory directly from The Art of Books, Fillz, or Amazon. You do not have to upload Adds, Deletes or Edits to your website daily.
  • We offer the lowest setup fee and the lowest quarterly fee then any other Bookseller Website Store Builder.
  • We do not create just bookstores. Other media sellers are fully supported.
  • 3 different Shopping Cart styles.
  • Over 7 Featured Item configuration options including the ability to automatically show related products on the item detail page.
  • Highly Advanced Control Panel
    • Configure the Look & Feel of almost ever section of your website.
    • Enter your website text using a Word Like application.
    • Featured Item Wizard - Walks you through building the featured item code.
  • A-Z Protected Amazon Payments - You keep all Associate Fees which lowers the 15% commission you pay Amazon.
  • Paypal Payments Checkout Option.
  • Mal's e-commerce Payments Checkout Option. (Credit Cards and Google)
  • See our Features Page for a more complete list.

Where to go from here

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Message Boards - Ask questions about our service.

Need More Information?   Email: Info@WOBBooksite.com

Or visit our WOBBookSite Forums for additional help and questions.