William Butterworth is the author of over more than 100 novels. He is most famous for his 5 series of novels written under pseudonym of W.E.B. Griffin.

The Corps Series

From the aviators to the Raiders, officers to dog soldiers, they are the best and the bravest of America's military elite. They are the U.S. Marine Corps—facing the greatest challenges of their lives.

Personal reviews written for Semper Fi and Retreat Hell!, Synopsis for all other Corps books.

Title (Click for Synopsis & Review) Released Hardback Paperback All Editions
Semper Fi - Book I 1986 (Not Available) October 1988 All Editions
Call to Arms - Book II 1987 (Not Available) March 1995 All Editions
Counterattack - Book III 1990 (Not Available) September 1990 All Editions
Battleground - Book IV 1991 (Not Available) September 1991 All Editions
Line of Fire - Book V 1992 (Not Available) December 1994 All Editions
Close Combat - Book VI 1993 (Not Available) March 1995 All Editions
Behind the Lines - Book VII 1996 (Not Available) September 1996 All Editions
In Danger's Path - Book VIII 1999 (Not Available) December 1999 All Editions
Under Fire - Book IX 2002 January 2002 January 2003 All Editions
Retreat, Hell! - Book X 2004 January 2004 Not Available All Editions

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